What We Do

The Agricultural Justice Project brings together workers, farmers, and their communities to build a food system that’s fair and just.

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Setting standards of fairness

We convene stakeholders to set standards of food justice, rooted in accountability to workers and community-scale farmers. These standards are the basis for our Food Justice Certification program.

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Sharing knowledge & resources

Through our technical assistance program, we help people in farm and food workplaces implement the fair labor practices embodied in our Food Justice Certified standards.

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Building the movement

Through all of our programs and advocacy, we foster cooperation and solidarity among farmers, workers, and allies in order to build a movement broad and deep enough to transform the way the US grows and distributes food. 

Let’s build a fair food system together.

Here are a few ways to work with the Agricultural Justice Project and support fairness in food and farming:

Make your farm or food workplace more fair

Support Food Justice Certified farms & businesses

Current FJC farms & businesses are listed on our FJC page under Who’s Certified.

Follow & support grassroots movement groups

We regularly boost the campaigns and calls to action of front-line community organizers through our social media feeds. We encourage you to follow these groups directly and support their work.

Follow & support the AJP

Sign up for our email newsletter and donate to support our work.

News & Updates

AJP Toolkit revamped, moved to AJP site

AJP Toolkit revamped, moved to AJP site

Launching our new website gave us a chance to revamp our AJP Toolkit and make it much easier to access all of its resources. We’re happy to say the Toolkit has a new, streamlined homepage and lots of resources refreshed and updated for 2023, including guidance on...

Roxbury Farm is Food Justice Certified!

Roxbury Farm is Food Justice Certified!

“Of all the certifications we apply for, [Food Justice Certification] is the most important. We can't grow your food without all the skilled and talented people who work on the farm.” -Jody Bolluyt, farmer, Roxbury Farm CSA The Agricultural Justice Project is proud to...

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