Roxbury Farm is Food Justice Certified!

Roxbury Farm CSA is Food Justice Certified!

Published November 6, 2023

“Of all the certifications we apply for, [Food Justice Certification] is the most important. We can’t grow your food without all the skilled and talented people who work on the farm.” -Jody Bolluyt, farmer, Roxbury Farm CSA

The Agricultural Justice Project is proud to announce that Roxbury Farm is now Food Justice Certified.

Sisters Jody Bolluyt and Keri Latiolais own and manage Roxbury Farm CSA along with a talented team of farmers on 400 acres of preserved farmland in Kinderhook, NY. Roxbury Farm CSA is a community supported farm, a partnership between the farmers and the customers working together to create a regenerative organic food system that works for everyone. The 900-plus members of the CSA provide a guaranteed market for the farm’s products allowing the farm to pay better wages to people working on the farm, use regenerative farming practices, raise livestock humanely, and to share farming knowledge with other farmers. Follow Roxbury Farm CSA on Instagram @roxburyfarmcsa and purchase farm shares and other products from their website,

Being a Food Justice Certified Fair Farm means Roxbury Farm’s labor practices meet the standards of the Agricultural Justice Project, including:

  • Living wages or a plan with workers to achieve living wages
  • Workers’ right to organize & negotiate work conditions
  • Safe workplace, including protection from fire, smoke, heat, and pesticide exposure.
  • Training workers in their legal rights & rights under Food Justice Certification
  • Transparent work expectations and terms
  • Benefits, including paid sick leave
  • Conflict resolution and protection from retaliation
  • Fair work hours

It also means an independent certifier and a worker organization audit the farm and interview the employees to verify that the farm follows the standards.

More information on Food Justice Certification

“I want to offer a heartfelt congratulations to Roxbury Farm CSA for valuing their farm crew and being a model for how farmers that are committed to social justice can show that in concrete actions and with transparency.  It is possible to create a food system that nourishes our bodies, our communities and the earth, without relying on exploitation of those skilled workers and farmers that feed us all.  This is one way for us to walk down that path towards a food system worth sustaining.  We at AJP have learned as much from Roxbury Farm as we feel we have provided.  We are honored to welcome them as our latest Food Justice Certified Fair Farm and we look forward to the continued partnership.”  – Leah Cohen, General Coordinator, AJP

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