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Respect, Behavior, & Expectations

Workplaces, like every community, function best when their members relate to each other in healthy, respectful ways. Community agreements are a tool for setting both boundaries and aspirations for behavior and ways of relating.

Against Harassment

Setting policies against harassment and intimidation, including adopting a specific policy against sexual harassment, as required by law.

Feedback & Evaluations

AJP requires regular performance reviews for employees, at least once a year. Guidance and resources for providing helpful feedback and two-way evaluations.

Conflict Resolution

AJP standards require that every farm have a conflict resolution process that includes a clear way for employees to present grievances without fear of retaliation. We include examples and resources here.


When disputes arise between an employee and an owner or other figure of authority, power disparities may make it hard to follow an internal conflict resolution process. AJP provides an additional venue for hearing grievances for businesses that are Food Justice Certified.

Negotiating for Mutual Benefit

Synopsis of the popular book Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, by Fisher and Ury, which offers helpful tips for trying to negotiate agreements that offer benefits to each party. Includes notes about the book’s shortcomings.