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Farm Health & Safety Plan Template

Farm Health & Safety Plan Template

This template combines the AJP’s guidance for how to write a farm health & safety plan along with sample language and resources generously shared by farms and other organizations. See also our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on planning & training for health & safety, which offers a task list for writing, implementing, and maintaining your first safety plan.

GRAY BOXES contain an outline of the AJP’s recommended topics for your farm safety plan.

The EXAMPLE TEXT below each heading draws from actual health & safety manuals, especially Roxbury Farm’s emergency action & safety plan, though some sections are original to this AJP template. All authors are attributed, other than the AJP, and all work remains the property of the original authors. Please cite these authors if you use their work. Some of the suggested topics highlighted in the gray boxes are not represented in the sample text from other farms, so you may want to write some parts yourself or find other resources to borrow from.

How to use this template: You may decide to use the template’s language, borrow from other sources not linked here, or write your own safety guide, whatever makes the most sense for your farm. We suggest you work through each section and see if it meets your needs. Delete what doesn’t apply to your farm. You may want to write additional text or change some of the existing text. You can delete the gray boxes after you’re done.

Thank you to Roxbury Farm, Rock Steady Farm, Soul Fire Farm, Seeds of Solidarity, Interrupting Criminalization, and Dragonfly Partners for sharing the resources featured here.