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Simple Disciplinary Process

Simple Disciplinary Process

Excerpted from the AJP’s Model Handbook for Farm Employees. See also our discussion of just cause dismissal.

Disciplinary Action or Dismissal #

No employee who has completed a probationary period shall be discharged or otherwise disciplined without just and sufficient cause. If the discharge or disciplinary act is found to be unjustified, the worker may be reinstated and may be compensated for loss of earnings during the period of such discharge or disciplinary act.

This handbook outlines our farm’s policies for appropriate workplace behavior.

  • Minor first-time violations of farm policy will result in a verbal warning.
  • Second offenses and more serious first time offenses will result in a written warning. Written warnings will be presented to the worker, reasons for the action will be discussed, and the worker will be asked to sign a copy of the written warning.
  • The third offense will result in the termination of employment and the employee will be ineligible for rehire.

The employee has the right to have a representative of their choosing present during any meeting with management, including those related to discharge or disciplinary action. All disciplinary actions will be recorded and placed in the employee’s file.

The farm retains the right to determine acts by employees that are gross or serious misconduct that warrant more serious consequences than progressive (stepped) discipline provides, up to and including immediate dismissal. Under most circumstances, workers will not be immediately terminated.

Probationary Period #

The first (two weeks / 30 days / 90 days) of your employment will be a probationary period to make sure employer and employee are a good fit for each other. During this period, you are free to give notice and leave immediately, and the farm is free to let you go without just and sufficient cause.