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Fresh additions

Fresh additions


Fresh additions

This month we added a new page of guidance on negotiations, to better define what “good faith” negotiations are. We also added two supporting resources, Jim Cochran’s account of negotiating a union contract at Swanton Berry Farm and a synopsis of the popular book Getting to Yes, which offers tips for negotiating for mutual benefit.

Here are a few other updates from the last month:

  • We consolidated and updated our guidance on living wages, including a new Google Sheets spreadsheet to help you adjust the living wage rates calculated by the MIT calculator or the Family Budget Calculator. These adjustments allow you to factor in any in-kind benefits you offer your workers, such as food. You can also make adjustments based on information on the local cost of living.
  • We added a new page of guidance on emerging safety hazards related to climate change, namely heat and wildfires.
  • We revamped many of the resources in our marketing section, designed to help Food Justice Certified businesses communicate about their certification to customers and the media.

Stay tuned, we have lots more resources in the pipeline! Up next is a new section on democracy and cooperatives.