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News & Updates

News & Updates

On this page we feature occasional updates about our guidance and resources. For more frequent updates related to the work of the Agricultural Justice Project, see our blog.

Fresh additions

This month we added a new page of guidance on negotiations, to better define what “good faith” negotiations are. We also added two supporting resources, Jim Cochran’s account of negotiating a union contract at Swanton Berry Farm and a synopsis of the popular book Getting to Yes, which offers tips for negotiating for mutual benefit. Here are a few other updates from the last month: We consolidated and updated our guidance on living wages, including a new Google Sheets spreadsheet to help you adjust the living wage rates calculated by the MIT calculator or the Family Budget Calculator. ...

Toolkit moves to AJP website

We are proud to announce that the AJP Toolkit has finally found a permanent home on AJP’s new website. For many years the toolkit existed as a series of Word documents lovingly distributed by the AJP team in piecemeal form. Now all the pieces are gathered in one place, freshly updated and fully searchable. We now look forward to filling in some important gaps in the materials and guidance we offer, so stay tuned for more exciting resources to come! ...