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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

A holistic vision of safety in the workplace means not only protection from physical hazards, but also moderated workloads and opportunities for rest; respectful treatment; prompt, good-faith resolution of conflicts; and—because it affects everyone’s well-being—knowledge of one’s rights and protections.

This section covers primarily workplace safety plans and policies that are aimed at physical hazards. The next section, Human Relations, addresses the skills, strategies, and resources for managing relationships, including reviews and evaluations, harassment policies, conflict and grievance resolution, and disciplinary action, which are also important for keeping your team healthy and safe.

Pages in this section

Safety in the Workplace
Introduction to AJP’s safety materials and guidance.
Planning & Training
AJP’s guidance on planning & training for workplace safety. Outlines the basics of a training plan for a workplace and describes common hazards that your safety plan should address. Includes links to resources for writing and implementing your safety plan.
New Dangers: Heat, Fire, Smoke
Guidance on planning for new and emerging hazards exacerbated by climate change: heat, wildfires, and smoke.
Safety Links & Resources
Resources for implementing safety in your farm workplace.