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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

AJP standards require that every farm have a written conflict resolution process that includes a clear way for employees to present complaints without fear of retaliation. This page provides examples of such policies and other resources related to conflict resolution. AJP standards require that a workplace train everyone on staff in the conflict resolution process, so that everyone knows what to do and where to turn to get resolution if a conflict arises.

Farm businesses can take advantage of professional mediation services offered as part of the USDA’s Agricultural Mediation Program, usually at no cost. Find a service provider in the USDA’s list of participating programs and include their services as part of your conflict resolution process. AMP services are available for a range of farm-related disputes, typically including disputes with lenders, landlords, family members, and employees. (See also How To Vet A Mediator.)

For Food Justice Certified workplaces, conflicts between employees and their employer that cannot be resolved through an internal conflict resolution process can be filed as a grievance with the AJP.

Example policies and resources: #

Two excellent, longer resources that can be used for learning, skill-building, and training purposes:

See also two video guides from the Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence on defusing conflict in farm workplaces: