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Navigating The Toolkit

Navigating The Toolkit

Site map #

Here’s a map of how the toolkit is laid out:

graph TD A(Toolkit homepage) --> B(Guidance pages by AJP
linked from menu on left) B --> D(Resources by AJP & others) A --> G("Browse resource library") G --> H(Sort by date) --> D G --> F(Sort by author) --> D G --> E(Sort by tags) --> D

There are two different kinds of pages in the AJP Toolkit, guidance and resources.

  1. The guidance pages provide important knowledge about a range of issues and practices. They are primarily written by the AJP and can be read in sequence, one page after the other, as an introduction to different topics about employment and about social justice in and between businesses. Access these pages from the main menu on the left side of the screen or the search box. Guidance pages link to related resource pages that will be useful for making practical changes in a workplace.

  2. The resource pages are self-contained documents or materials, many of which were created by other people outside of AJP. The resources usually focus on implementation and practical concerns: templates for documents, examples of practices, training materials, specific safety information, standards of practice, in-depth reading on a given topic, and original sources. Access resource pages from related guidance pages or the search box, or browse the lists sorted by date, author, or tag.