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Worker Rights

Worker Rights

Under AJP standards, employees have the right to respectful treatment, regular payments on time for all hours worked, a safe workplace, thorough training in workplace layout and work requirements, workplace safety and food safety, their rights afforded by the law and by AJP standards, access to any files the employer keeps on them, freedom from sexual harassment or abuse, the right to be paid first if the farm goes out of business, and the right to make suggestions or raise issues without fear of retaliation.

Basic legal rights for all workers #

  • Be paid all wages and overtime, in full, on regular paydays.
  • Work free from discrimination based on race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, or age.
  • Safety in the workplace and protection from hazards.
  • Workers’ compensation if you are injured on the job or get sick due to work.
  • Work free from sexual harassment or assault.

AJP standards require FJC employers to train their workers on their rights, both under the law and under Food Justice Certification. See Trainings on Worker Rights for resources and guidance on rights trainings.