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Legal Resources

Recommended Legal Resources

For detailed guidance and resources on compliance with labor law on farms, see the following websites. Note that these websites do not address farm employment from a perspective of fairness. Instead, they focus mostly on two kinds of guidance: legal compliance and managerial competence.

  • Farm Labor Dashboard. Extensive resource hub on farm labor, including both legal requirements and tools for decision-making and planning. Includes a self-assessment tool to determine if you’re ready to hire employees. Compiled by state agricultural extension services and hosted by UVM.

  • Farm Commons. Legal guidance and resources for farmers, including many resources on farm labor. Subscription-based ($99/year as of 2022, with a limited term free trial).

  • Legal Food Hub is a free service that connects eligible farmers, food entrepreneurs, and food-related organizations to volunteer attorneys, available to farmers in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, & Vermont. They also have a legal resource library, also available en Español.

  • Labor Laws and Management (CISA). Resource hub on farm labor, geared towards Massachusetts law. Lots of useful tools and guides.

  • Farmworkers’ Rights Under State Employment Laws: An Interactive Map (Farmworker Justice). This map links to specific employment laws covering farmworkers in each state.