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Employee Benefits

AJP requires that employers pay for workers compensation, disability, and unemployment coverage, social security, sick leave (a minimum of 5 days (3.3.3.d.); employers must offer unpaid leave for longer periods or maternity or paternity leave.

Standard 3.3

3.3.3. Right to benefits

a. Farmers will provide employees workers compensation, disability, and unemployment coverage, social security, sick leave (unpaid at least), and maternity or paternity leave.

b. Farmers will never require an employee to work who is ill or requiring medical attention.

Farmer will not discipline a worker in any way for missing work due to illness or illness in the family (this does not preclude the farmer from requiring the employee to notify the farmer as soon as possible and/or to provide healthcare provider note or documentation of illness for long absences).

Farmers must offer a minimum of 5 paid days sick leave.

In those jurisdictions in which certain benefits such as workers compensation do not require the inclusion of agricultural workers, and such programs are unavailable on a voluntary basis, farmers must document a reliable alternative method that will adequately provide for financial needs of employees injured or disabled on the job. (Such coverage is mutually beneficial as it should also provide protection to the farmer from excessive liability exposure in the case of a work-related accident or injury.)

Unemployment insurance regulations vary by state, but AJP standards require that farms carry unemployment insurance.

Federal unemployment: annually file IRS Form 940 and only pay Fed UI on non-ag wages.

Workers Compensation: AJP requires that farms carry Workers Compensation on all workers whether state laws require this or not. Workers compensation is available privately and from some state governments, eg NYS.

Disability Insurance: Disability insurance is available with workers compensation insurance and is not a major additional expense.

AJP encourages employers to go beyond the FJC standards and beyond legal requirements. The AJP requirement for continual improvement can be directed at improving working conditions, wages, and benefits.