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Standards of Fairness

Standards of Fairness

A good place to start is learning what’s in the Food Justice Certification standards (officially known as the AJP’s Social Stewardship Standards) which outline what fair working and trading conditions look like in practical terms. The rest of this toolkit—and the AJP’s technical assistance program in general—is designed to help you implement the practices and policies they describe.

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Food Justice Certified (FJC) is a food label for farms, food businesses, and retailers that’s based on rigorous social justice standards for labor and trade practices. The FJC standards were written by farmworkers, community-scale farmers, and other advocates for food justice, and these same stakeholders oversee the FJC program.

Summary of AJP standards #

Short, plain-language summaries of the benefits that AJP standards offer to workers and operators of farms and ranches:

En Español:

Complete AJP standards #

The Spanish translation of the current standards revision is forthcoming. In the meantime see the previous edition translation and details of changes made in the 2019 revisions:

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