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Farm Employee Handbook

Farm Employee Handbook

Our Model Handbook for Farm Employees is our most popular resource, helping you communicate your policies, commitments, and expectations to your employees. By adopting and customizing our handbook, you’ll be off to a running start with lots of fair policies that comply with the AJP standards. The handbook also helps FJC employers train their workers on their rights and privileges under AJP standards. You don’t need to adopt this exact handbook to become Food Justice Certified: this handbook serves as an optional template for you to build on, a basic set of policies that you can adapt to meet your needs.

View the handbook on Google Docs and make yourself a copy to adapt for your farm:

For handbook-related resources, including a 20-minute video guide to adapting the handbook, see the resource page in our toolkit.

For more resources on employment policies, see our full Hiring & On-Boarding section.