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Appendix: Fair Trade & Fair Labor

Appendix: Organic Farming, Fair Trade, and Fair Labor

Here we provide background readings that frame how the AJP standards came to be.

Organic agriculture & social justice #

Even from its first draft, the USDA National Organic Program standards abandoned the social justice commitments of the organic farming movement. For contrast, we provide here the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements’ (IFOAM) principles, which provide a fuller picture of the broad social commitments of organic agriculture as a movement and not merely as a market sector. These principles are Health, Ecology, Fairness, and Care.

See also the priorities outlined by the farmworker working group as part of the original development of the AJP’s standards:

Challenges of fair trade #

The fair trade movement has had notable successes, but many challenges remain in order for fair trade to deliver on its promises for dignified livelihoods for farmers and workers. Here we provide important analysis from the Fair World Project:

International standards & codes #

We also include important global perspectives and standards around labor and human rights which have been key in shaping FJC standards.