Resources for Businesses

AJP has put together a list of websites and other resources that may help businesses meet the AJP standards.

1. Steps to Certification

Click here to download this document. Click here to see this information displayed online.

2. See the Certified Entities and Certification Sections of our AJP Policy Manual. These sections of our policy manual cover important issues such as labeling requirements, processor certification requirements, and your rights as a certified entity.

3.  Labor

4.  Handout for employees on their rights in the AJP Program
Download this document and print it out for your employees if you are applying for AJP certification. This is required in the AJP standards. This document explains to your employees what the standards cover, and how to access the AJP complaints and appeals process.

5.  Worker Organizations
AJP recommends workers participate in a regional or local worker center or worker organization that can provide support for workers such as trainings, meetings, workshops and other resources.  Worker organizations will also provide support when worker rights are violated by ways of appropriate action for filing complaints and finding resolutions to conflicts.

Locations include:  California (Bay Area), California (Los Angeles), Illinois             (Chicago), Texas (Houston), Florida (Miami), Michigan, Louisiana (New             Orleans), New York, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) and Washington D.C.