Tools and Resources for Farmers
AJP has put together a toolkit and a list of resources to help farmers adjust their labor policies, develop documentation and learn how to comply with the AJP standards. You can download these tools one at a time, or click the “Full Toolkit” button to download them all at once.

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Resources to Download

1. Steps to Certification
A document outlining each step in the certification process. This information can also be viewed online by clicking here.

2. See the Certified Entities and Certification Section of AJP Policy Manual. This section will answer many of your questions about the details of AJP certification such as our labeling requirements, involvement of worker organizations, and others. You may want to print this to keep as a resource.

3. Labor
Our toolkit covers necessary documentation, sample policies and contracts and self assessment checklists for farms who have hired labor.

4. Interns and Apprentices
This section of our toolkit includes samples of exemplary intern agreements and learning contracts.

5. Getting a Good Price and Better Contracts
This section includes resources for calculating cost of production, templates for farmers as sellers, and self assessment checklist for fair negotiation process.

6. Handout for employees on their rights in the AJP Program
Download this document and print it out for your employees if you are applying for AJP certification. This is required in the AJP standards. This document explains to your employees what the standards cover, and how to access the AJP complaints and appeals process.

7. Farmer Organizations 
AJP recommends that farmers participate in one or more of the many active farming organizations located around the country.  These organizations offer conferences, workshops, field days, trainings and other resources that provide vital information for improving farmer skills and access to information, as well as opportunities to network with other farmers in your area.  We also urge you to encourage your local farming organization to provide more trainings opportunities for the workers on your farms.

Agricultural Justice Founding Partners

Additional Farmer Organizations

Download Full List of Farmer Organizations

8. Farmworker Organizations
AJP recommends workers participate in a regional farmworker organization that can provide support for workers such as trainings, meetings, workshops and other resources.  Farmworker organizations will also provide support and help when worker rights are violated by providing ways of appropriate action for filing complaints and finding resolutions to conflicts.



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Farmworker Organizations by Region:

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Download Full List of Farmworker Organizations

*Designates approved worker organizations for Food Justice certification